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- Refund Methods

  • Direct Deposit
  • Get your Student Account Refunds faster by signing up for Direct Deposit on RAMweb. All you need is your personal bank account information.
  •  Direct Deposit has its advantages….
  • Convenience…no waiting on the mail or in line to cash or deposit your check
  • Quick access…the funds are generally available within three business days after the date of the refund
  • Security…prevents check loss or theft.
  • RamCard Plus Information & DIsclosures
  • Mailed Refund Checks
  • Student Account Refund checks are mailed on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of each month.  Allow an additional three mail days for delivery.
  • Refund checks will be mailed to the current mailing address on file with the University. Students are responsible for keeping the University informed of current mailing addresses. Be sure that we have your most current local mailing address to ensure timely receipt of important University correspondence.  Address changes can be made on RAMweb under the Manage My Student Record and Change My Address/Telephone.


- Financial Aid Refunds

  • After financial aid requirements have been met, grants, scholarships and loans will be credited directly to your University student account.
  • Federal financial aid will pay up to $200 of prior year charges and all current semester institutional charges.  Students may authorize payment of non-institutional charges.
  • State, institutional, and private financial aid will pay all charges.
  • Changes in enrollment may affect tuition and fee assessments as well as financial aid eligibility and the financial aid award amount.
  • Refunds may only be issued if your financial aid exceeds the total amount billed to your University student account, the residual aid will be refunded to you for other educational expenses.
  • How do you pay your University bill with financial aid?
  • If a credit balance is refunded, and subsequent charges are posted to the student's University student account, those charges must be paid when billed.
  • Your financial aid for the semester is finalized based on your enrollment at the end of the add/free drop period. If your financial aid refund was based on full-time enrollment and you drop classes during add/free drop, you may be required to repay some of your financial aid.


- Refund Credit Requirements

  • Refunds will be processed automatically for students registered in at least 12 regular on-campus credits as an undergraduate student and 9 regular on-campus credits as a graduate student.
  • Financial aid recipients who are registered part-time or taking a combination of regular on-campus and CSU Online credits will receive a refund once final registration is confirmed.  If you would like more information regarding the impact of part-time enrollment or registering for both on-campus and CSU Online courses, contact the Office of Financial Aid.


- Minimum Refund Amounts

  • Mailed Checks
  • If your refund method is check, and you are due a refund, the amount will be calculated on the total financial aid credits and University charges posted to your University student account. Only refunds greater than $50 will automatically be processed. If your refund amount is less than $50, you must call the Office of Financial Aid to request a refund